Selling your Springsteen Vinyl?

The expectations for selling your Springsteen vinyl

Yes, we buy select vinyl Springsteen records. Not all albums are rare or even collectible. Springsteen has sold millions of records and there's a lot of them floating around the world. If you have unique, uncommon, still sealed vinyl as well as bootleg vinyl from all over the world, please let us know by filling out the “Contact Us” form here on our website

What do you pay for records?

Not every collection or buy is the same; and there are a lot of the most "common" titles. We have the resources to pay for large collections that include records that are considered "unusual," "rare," or "hardly seen." If you are in the US and have the on-label release vinyl (Columbia) like Born In The USA, Tunnel of Love, and the studio albums that followed, you can do better by selling your Springsteen vinyl at your local record store. We have found that many local record stores are out of stock of used Springsteen vinyl, or have very limited supply.

Do you make appointments to buy?

Yes we do! For big collections Please email us to set up a quick conversation or zoom video call. If you have a list of the Springsteen vinyl you own, please send it.

Prices are based on demand, availability, and condition. Our experienced team will give you the best possible offer.

What about consigning the rarest vinyl of Springsteen?

We have experience consigning and we can maximize the value of your Springsteen records for the local and global market depending on the vinyl.

We love working with collectors to find the best new owner for their beloved Springsteen collectibles. Please email or Contact Us