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America: A Tribute To Heroes SEALED - Concert in Response to 9/11 - Original Cassette Import Russia

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Sony Recorded the Live Broadcast on September 21, 2001 and Released  America: A Tribute To Heroes In December 2001. The release of Cassette Tape was limited to Poland, Russia, and Europe. The majority of the format released was on CD. VHS and DVD versions were available. 

This Original Cassette tape is SEALED as new, with one imperfections 1-small crack on the heading/side of the cassette. Overall grade: Excellent.

We do not sell items with holes, cutouts or barcode strike though

Russian Import, Sony Music Russia ceased operations in March, 2022 (according to its website). We procured this cassette long before Sony ceased operations. 

Columbia -Sony Music Entertainment # COL 505394 4. Released in 2001.

Featured Artists
Bruce Springsteen
Stevie Wonder
Alicia Keys
Billy Joel
Eddie Vedder
Mariah Carey
Willie Nelson
Bon Jovi
Dixie Chicks

+ others, please see photo for track listing.

Note: The only formats released worldwide include: Cassette, CD, VHS and DVD. 

Complementary high quality packaging and shipping with order total of $100 or more.